Thursday, June 1, 2017

English Research Paper (MLA Format)

Angel Lopez
English 3
June 1, 2017

My Bildungsroman:
Coming of age
What we’ve been given in class was deserved and earned, but not all of us honored it. The chance to learn english like this and interact with our society via blogger posts is fun. I rather do this than boring book work that is graded by a boring teacher who only cares about getting paid. For me i honored what's been given to me to try and be a part of. I bet there are other people who think the same. There is also people who don’t honor what’s been given to them and just blow it away. Not only have i changed my way of thinking but I think others changed their ways too. We wouldn’t have gone this far without the guidance of Dr.Preston. If it weren’t for him we would’ve been stuck doing book work like any other boring class.
Many of the fictional characters like Nick from the Great Gatsby, Montag from Fahrenheit 451, and not forgetting Young Goodman Brown. Many of these characters we read about we can relate to, some not being pretty and most being fun. Reading these stories gave me something to look out for, that being opportunities for me to better my education and myself as a person. One thing i’ve learned from reading Fahrenheit 451 is that Montag is different, he’s weird to other cause he does what others don’t do. He was being pressured by others and his job to change. He kept himself how he was and fought for it, even after being injected by a mechanical hound and chased through the whole city. Things like this remind me it’s okay to be yourself and don’t let others around change who you are.

I’ve always been connected with my passion to continue forward, not to survive but to live with what life throws at me. Some of what life throw is unfair and unforgiving but we’re human and too stubborn to give up. My passion is to become a game designer and my hope is to keep this passion because a dream can never be not achieved. As you can tell i really and I mean really like playing video games, either it being on my phone or my xbox at home I’m never bored playing. Sometime i think it my way of dealing with stress in life because playing gets me happy and has me thinking of something else.

One thing that made me enjoy this course is how fun it gets sometimes during class. It either being another political problem or just enjoying ourselves with jokes. This is the best English class i’ve ever had. Other classes are nowhere near as fun as this one. Not only is this class fun but it’s not boring which is surprising for it being an english class. I will not forget what we did on the last day till christmas break it was the most enjoyable last day of school into vacations ever I hope we end this year the same way.

I like how Itzel presented on how not to give up and be committed on what you want to do. She also said something about not thinking bad thoughts and not let others around change who you are as a person. I also like what Jason, Luis, Jayden, and Nick presented because it was something they are passionate about. It is also something they enjoy and want to share so that others see what they like. I remember Richard presenting about music and how emotion changes the tone of the song, music is his passion and will not be halted by anyone or anything.

I won’t consider myself as a hero because heroes put others first than themselves. I’m more like a video game character living inside its own video game with its own story to tell. I raised my sense of responsibility in this course. I’ve noticed and my grades have noticed too. My mentors and support getting me through this which we call life are my grandparents. They’ve have always been there for me as i have always been there for them. The help me go through tough times even my mother and father can’t understand since they don’t care and expect me to wing it after i graduate. It may sound sad but it’s fine I’ll get through it just fine and live the life i was born to have.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ignite Talk

  • Your big question/ masterpiece topic (1-2 sentences)
  •    My master piece topic is about the police force and what it takes to become a police officer and to overcome challenges in life.

  • One thing you did over the break to explore your question/topic (1 sentence)
  •    I talked to my uncle who was a former police officer and asked what do you need to become one and those necessities are to study criminal justice and get at least a bachelor or associates degree

  • One thing you learned by exploring over the break (1 sentence)
  •    I read up online and talked to my uncle over break on what is needed to become a police officer and the training needed

  • One connection you see between this course or something we read and your question/topic (1 sentence)  The one connection I got from my topic is that to become a police officer you need to over come challenges, challenges like the one today where we need to overcome our nervousness to present.

  • What you're doing next (1 sentence)
  •   The next step for me is to take is for me to overcome some of my own challenges.

    Monday, April 24, 2017

    Master piece topic idea

    Academy Member

    1.) Richard K.
    2.) Jaime C.
    3.) Elvis G.
    4.) Jason G.
    5.) Jayden A.
    6.) Etzell H.
    7.) Luis C.
    8.) Jose L.
    9.) Kleiff M.
    10.) Marcos A.

    My 5 Resources

    My Master piece topic is to become a police officer 

    • Graduate High School
    • Go to college and study criminal justice
    • Get at least an associate or bachelor degree  
    • Be ready for challenges 
    • Go to the police academy for 12 to 14 weeks 

    Tuesday, March 28, 2017

    Montag Kills

    I think Montag killed Beatty because Beatty took the walkie talkie from Montag and threatened to trace the contact to Faber and Montag did not want that so he burned and killed Beatty with a flamethrower.

    Thursday, March 16, 2017

    F451 guiding questions chapter 1

    F1. Describe the society (a fictional America) that Montag lives in. In what ways is it similiar to, but more extreme than, our society?  What signs are there that it is a "dystopia" (the opposite of utopia/ideal society)? Montage lives in a calm place I think when he meant that the houses are "fireproof" I think he meant that there haven't been any fires lately and that the job is getting a little boring and is using crude humor to cheer himself up

    2. What makes Clarisse so special?  So different from most people in her society? She's one of those weird and annoying people she likes to get on people's nerves by giving them truths that they don't want to hear.

    3. Why do you think the mechanical hound has been programmed to react to Montag?  It's programed to react to Montag because he's the caretaker for the mechanical dog and the programmers want the dog to endure human contact.

    Monday, March 6, 2017

    Prufrock Paragraph

    My first impression on Prufrock is that this story is a more sad and depressing version of a love that only tells the truth about some people. Some people think they're weird or strange that's what makes them think that others don't want to show love towards them. For others they are nice and caring to anyone even the weird and strange, that's love. In Prufrock's story of love  he's showing what the people that are not being cared about feel. They're out of hope for love since no one cares for them that's why this story is depressing rather than being nice and happy.

    Thursday, February 9, 2017

    Gatsby Test chapters 1-4

    Chapter 1
    1) Who is narrating the story
    2)What are the two main areas people live in?
    1) What's the difference between west egg and east egg?2) Who's Mrs. Wilson?
    1)Who was the host of the elegant party?
    2)Who does Gatbsy call over?
    Chapter 4
    1)How many girls did Benny McClenahan always arrive with?
    2)Does Gatbsy finally open up?